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The weight will vary from 20 to 75kg per sq m depending on the stone type.

We supply specific mortar adhesives to suit the weight of the stone & what surface it is applied to.

For a new build, a copy of floor plan & Elevations to allow us calculate the quantity required. For existing buildings, photos & dimensions of the area being clad. 

Browse thecladding designoption that matches your project.

First choose the shape & Texture of stone you most like. Then choose the colour or colours.

If the stone is in stock allow 3-5 working days from order to delivery. Stone cut to order in general is 2-3 weeks.

We do state on your quotation to allow 6-10 weeks in advance to ensure stone available when required on site. 

Yes, Same stone can be used outside or inside. The important aspect in fitting stone inside

is to check what surface you are applying the stone too. Is it plasterboard or block etc. 

This will dictate what is needed to prepare the surface before appliaction of stone.  

No. Any good tidy tradesperson can fit the product. (Tiler,blocklayer,joiner,DIY person).

Fernhill can recommend fitters all over the country who are experienced in fitting stone cladding. 

Yes, But we first recommended to get a budget quotation to ensure the product is within budget.

Also discuss best options with our sales manger to ensure we get the right samples to you.

There will be a postal charge for the samples which will be dictated by weight of package. TBA

Let Fernhill help you calculate the quantity needed. It can depend on how the stone is fitted. if dry joint tight fitted can required an extra 15-20% more stone.