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Natural Limestone Cladding

Limestone stands as the epitome of luxury in architecture, used throughout the UK and Ireland. Its timeless elegance and inherent beauty elevate any building project, whether residential or commercial, to new heights of sophistication and style. Its versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with various architectural styles, from classical to contemporary, adding a touch of grandeur. 

Natural Limestone Cladding is a solution that makes limestone accessible to all projects; as an affordable and lightweight option, our Natural Limestone Cladding is an excellent building material to consider.

Our Natural Limestone Cladding comes in varied colours & textures. From Dark Kilkenny to White Galway Limestone, we supply a diverse range to ensure you find the perfect stone cladding for your project.

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Thickness 20-30mm thick  Length 100-350 mm, Height 50-300mm  Weight 60-75kg per sq m approx

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