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Thin Stone Wall Cladding (12mm to 20mm Thick )

Thin Stone Cladding can help in projects where weight or thickness is restricted. ICF construction typically has a maximum weight of 40 kg per sq meter. This is a problem Fernhill Stone cladding can solve. 

Our thin stone veneer serves as a lightweight yet durable covering crafted from thin slices of natural stone. Imitating the look of full stone walls, our thin stone cladding provides a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution. It is highly versatile and used for various projects, from self-builds to large commercial developments for interior and exterior use. 

Explore our range of Thin Stone Cladding in the various colours and textures we offer, or ask our experts for the stone that best suits your project. 


What Type of Project Is Thin Stone Cladding Suitable For?

Thin stone cladding is suitable for a variety of projects and applications due to its lightweight and versatile nature. It is often used to create stunning feature walls in interior spaces, adding texture and visual interest. It can be applied to accent walls, fireplaces and columns within living rooms, bedrooms, or commercial spaces. The reduced weight has no bearing on quality and durability as the material performs just as well outdoors - our thin stone cladding is an excellent solution for outdoor projects with weight and thickness constraints.