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Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding is a popular choice for builds and a range of projects for the versatility it provides. It combines the stunning look and feel of real stone at a fraction the cost of building full stone. Compared with other forms of cladding, Real stone cladding can we supplied in panels or in loose stone pieces. Thinstone cladding is natural, lightweight, and a durable & can be used for interior and exterior projects. Do your homework & save money now. 


Natural stone cladding is versatile, durable, and has a classic charm. Here are some reasons you should consider using the material in your project.

Benefits of Natural Stone Cladding:
•    Beautiful natural look
•    Lasts long, very durable
•    Comes in many colours and types
•    Works well with other materials
•    Reduces labour cost
•    Zero smoke & flame
•    No onsite waste 
•    May increase home value