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Interior Wall Cladding and Brick Slips

Whatever the size of your project, Fernhill Stone can provide the perfect manufactured or natural stone for your home or business with a vast selection of interior stone cladding and interior brick slips to choose from.

They are quick and cost-effective alternatives homeowners use to give their homes more character. It is a great way to add the look of natural stone to your home's interior. If using manufactured stone it is made from a composite material that resembles natural stone and has the same texture and colour as real stone. It can be used on metal or timber stud walls.

Using interior stone cladding over other types of wall coverings has varied benefits. While durable and will last for years with minimal upkeep, interior wall cladding and interior brick slips are easy to install. They can add value to your home by making the space more upscale and high-end than if you had used regular paint or wallpaper on your walls instead.

Explore our gallery for the creative possibilities that can be achieved with interior brick slips and stone cladding. If you want to learn more about our options, contact our friendly, experienced team today, who will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Where Interior Stone Cladding Can Be Used

Whether you want to transform your fireplace or create a feature wall, our interior stone wall cladding is the perfect material to complete your project. Fernhill Stone supplies stone cladding for projects of all shapes and sizes. For help finding the right interior stone cladding and brick slips for your renovation, get in touch with our team.

Why Should I Use Brick Slips for My Interior Walls?

Bringing outdoor textures like brickwork and stone indoors in interior design creates warmth, connectivity with nature and adds visual interest and depth to interiors, breaking up monotony and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The materials also have a timeless quality, making for more economically sustainable renovations. Brick slips for interior walls are a great way you can achieve this harmonious look and feel within your home or property.

Wood VS Stone Interior Wall Cladding

When deciding on interior wall cladding for the home, there are various materials to choose from. While wood is generally a cheaper option, stone is a worthwhile investment. Unlike wood that requires regular sealing and staining, there is minimal upkeep to maintaining stone cladding and it is far less susceptible to scratching and fading.

For help finding the right brick slip cladding, get in touch with one of our experts.